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Welcome to the Ethereal Horse Blog!

I bask in the beauty of my life with horses. I bask in the disguised privilege I have to tromp through the mud in the spring and stand in the freezing barn for farrier appointments. In the daily cleaning poop out of stalls, cleaning poop out of buckets, cleaning hay out of my bra, and out of some places I didn’t even know hay could get.

I gripe about this and that sure, but ultimately my soul crawls out like a lizard on a sunbaked rock when a horse is around. That may not be the most beautiful analogy, but truthfully, in today’s world, my horse is the only place I feel truly at peace. As I sit and look at my diverse herd nibbling on squeaky green blades of plump spring grass in their pasture, I can feel even from here their magic. The soul residing within these animals is not only hauntingly beautiful but also touches our souls so deeply that it has the potential to create profound healing and change.

That folks is why you now read a blog titled The Ethereal Horse. When I began thinking of names, no other word better encompassed just how powerfully these blessings on four legs touch people’s lives.

Here’s a note. I was terrified to start a blog. There I said it. I have spent a long time being afraid of what others would think of what I have to say, what I express to the world. Regardless of the certifications, the continuing education, the years of horse experience, and the multiple hats I have worn in the horse industry, people can be cruel. And in the horse industry, unfortunate but true, there’s a lot of hate for any view differing from any given individual’s personal beliefs.

All that being said I could not see looking back at my time on earth and regretting never having written about them. So here I am. Sharing my heart. I plan to share heartwarming stories, case studies, equine news, and training updates on some of my rescue horses as we go along. I hope you find yourselves inspired, healed, entertained, and most of all, at home when you read this quarterly blog.

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