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My 22 year old mare is feeling better than ever, no exaggeration! Shanell Thomas is an amazing bodyworker, maximum recommendation! Whether your horse is an upper level dressage horse, a reiner, a trail horse, or merely a special friend, we all want out horses to perform their jobs with the highest level of soundness and ease, thus preventing stress that can lead to injury, thus optimizing long term soundness. Bodywork is an essential part of that goal. All horses can benefit ! And when horses benefit, their people also benefit.

Karen K. - Illinois


I can’t say enough wonderful things about the work that Shanell has done with my horse. I noticed a significant change in my mare’s top line after just the first session, with increased elevation behind her withers and improved rotation in her lumbar spine. My mare has a ten year old hamstring injury that resulted in her hind leg tracking medially with no overstep. After 5 treatments with Shanell, she tracks up fully at the walk and has at least 2 inches of overstep. She is more comfortable and relaxed on the ground and under saddle. Most importantly, Shanell has demonstrated great patience and responsiveness with a sensitive horse that is opinionated and has a low pain threshold. My horse and I are exceedingly grateful for the care Shanell provides and we look forward to every session with her.

Stacey M. - PT, MPT, CSRS - Illinois


Shanell is exceptional at what she does. She was professional, knowledgeable, kind and incredibly respectful with my horse.
I brought her out to work on my mid-20 year old mare with an old back injury. She was amazing with my mare, the physical changes we saw in one session were amazing. But, beyond that, a spark returned in my horse’s eye that I haven’t seen in a long time. She’s back to bossing her mini around, running in for dinner, and playing in the field. Something I haven’t see in years.
I’ve worked around A LOT of equine practitioners in a lot of fields and would 1000% recommend her without a shadow of doubt. She will leave your horse better than she found it. Do NOT hesitate to work with her

Eliya F. - Illinois

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